Tarot Training Course - Free or Certified training

For years I've been asked to teach tarot and I have conducted many workshops, however the need to do online training, and also to share the love by offering free training is something I've felt called to do. I know my guides have been pushing me to do this for a long time now.. so makeup on! and best foot forward.

I've come up with a way of giving all training for free, but also getting paid to help people become certified. I hope that you agree that it's a good solution for everyone. 

Therefore, Welcome! to The Tarot Training Course, which follows the structure of my book My First Tarot Course, and I'll use examples from My First Tarot deck. You do not need the deck or book in order to participate in the course, but if you feel moved to do so, you can purchase them on this website. Although this course is centred around the tarot, you do not need to have a tarot card deck in order to start the course. 
Click below to 'Register Now' only to access all videos for free,

Or 'Register Now' and buy the certification through completing the purchase process to attain certifcation.


I would also like everyone who registers to know that I am a reverend. Anything that you tell me as part of the certification is completely confidential and sacred.

Many blessings for this journey and all you embark upon,

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The Tarot Training course is a six month online course structured around my book My First Tarot Course. Register only to access free training, or pay and receive one-on-one time with Eleanor to attain certification.
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